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The Greenwich Art Society is pleased to post links to our members’ websites so that you can become acquainted with their art work.
The members themselves are solely responsible for their websites. The Greenwich Art Society has no involvement in their creation or maintenance.
Please let us know if you encounter any technical problems with the links below. Click here to email us.


Ilene Africk Photography
Meera Agarwal Oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media Paintings
Reese Anderson Green Oil Paintings
Lynne Arovas Mixed Media
Betsy Beach  
Marta Beltramo Paintings
Peg Benison Paintings, Photography and Portraits
Virginia Bergenthal Landscape Paintings
Margot Bittenbender Prints
Lindy Blanchard Paintings
Isabel Bolivar Figurative and asbtract Paintings
Sonia Bombart Paintings
Carolina Bradbury Sculpture, Photography, Paintings
Marcia Brandwein Landscapes in oil, watercolor and pastel
Anelisa Calmet Abstract Paintings
Natalie Colao Wood panels burned with glass
Heidi Lewis Coleman Mixed Media and Sculpture
Maria Hines Cowan Figurative Paintings
Dawn Dahl Paintings
Harold Davis Abstract paintings
Ken Delmar Paintings
Carol Dixon

Embroidered collages, oil paintings
Leila Dorne Paintings
SM Dyer Photography
Nora Ellis Paintings
Doris Erdman Paintings
Emelie Ericson Paintings
Tatiana Ferraro Watercolors
Heide Follin Paintings
Hillary Korn Fontana Mixed Media
Jacob Forero Landscapes in oil
Connie Freid Paintings and Mixed Media
Maria C. Friscia Paintings
Joseph Fuller Architect
Scott Glaser Prints, Paintings
Ronnie Gold Kabat Fabric
Bill Gordon Photography
Ellen Gordon Paintings, figures
Larry Gordon Abstract Paintings and Drawings
Maud Guilfoyle Watercolor and acrylic paintings
Jyoti Gupta Graphic Design
Mike Harris Photography
Sally Harris Photography
Andrea Hickman Paintings and collage
Benice Horowitz Land and humanscapes in acrylic
Kirk Huffard Paintings
Jean-Pierre Jacquet Portraits in oil, film
Lauretta Jones Botanical drawings and paintings
Oli Kambeitz Paintings
Joseph Kantorski Graphic design
Elizabeth Killgore Landscapes, cityscapes in oil
Paul Larson Paintings and Drawings
Suellen Frick Lash Abstracts
Angela S Liptack Textile Art
Jacqueline Lorieo Sculpture
Shelley Lowell Paintings
Valerie Lynch Paintings
Valerie Lynn Paintings and Drawings
Joanne Mason Photography
Monique Michaels Photography
Kathie Milligan Abstracts, figures, still life in oil
Lina Morielli Painting and sculpture
Mary Newcomb Abstracts, Paintings and Sculpture
Melissa Orme Paintings
Barbara O’Shea Photography
Lisette Overweel www.Lisette.Gallery Mixed Media
Jill Parry Paintings
Sherri Paul Landscape Paintings
Anna Patalano Paintings
Kathryn Poch Paintings
Jeanne Carol Potter Paintings
Penny Putnam Abstracts in watercolor, collage and mixed media
Shashi Raghunandan Watercolor Paintings
Ruth Raskin Photography
Shilo Ratner Abstract Paintings
Elizabeth Rundquist Abstract Paintings
Heather Sandifer Botanicals
Karen Schlansky Paintings
Marion Schneider Landscape Paintings
Andrea Scott Landscapes and florals in watercolor
Om Prakash Sharma Abstract Paintings
Sharon Shisler Paintings
Marina Shrady Paintings
Margaret Esme Simon Oil, charcoal and pastel
Debora Solomon Sculpture
Constance Newton Stancel Mixed media still life and landscapes
Ann Conrad Stewart Paintings and Prints
Florence Suerig Sculpture
Priya Tambe Mixed media painting
Julie Tehrani Paintings
Peggy Thomas Pottery
K P Thrane Painting, Photography
Annette Voreyer Still life, Landscape Portrait Paintings
Maxwell Wiesen Oil Paintings
Edward Wilson Landscape and Still Life Paintings
Jay B Wilson Photography


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