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The Judge for the Garden Education Center show in November will be Karl Soderlund.

Below is some information about him and you can visit his website at

It is easy to make yourself at home in any one of Karl Soderlund’s paintings. In fact, that is the artist’s intention. To accomplish this, Karl always provides a soothing place for the mind to focus and rest — a visual element that “breaks through the canvas’s dimensional plane.” Perhaps it is the bow of a boat that appears to lurch toward you, drawing you to touch it. Or, it’s a sandy path that beckons you to a sunny shoreline. Whatever the image of interest, do not be surprised if you suddenly find the railing of a sun-warmed porch sturdy beneath your hand. Or, feel a sea breeze chase through your hair. To see a Karl Soderlund painting is to become a part of it.

Karl takes his subject matter to heart, then to canvas. His passion for form and structure, combined with the fluid grace of the sea, infuses each and every paint stroke to create complementary compositions. He finds particular beauty in all things “weathered and beaten.” From the peeling paint and crackled wood of his “Red Boat,” to the faded siding of “The Boathouse,” the texture of nature and history is revealed and revered in his paintings.

But the story behind how Karl became the artist he is today is as multi-textured and colorful as his art.

Even as a child, Karl had an innate sense of color and composition. He began painting at an early age, inspired by everyday images that made growing up in New York and Connecticut memorable to him. Later, he put aside his paintbrush to attend Denison University, where he majored in Economics. Confident that he had chosen the “safer” career path, he settled into a corporate job in San Francisco. Painting was merely a hobby and a means to fill his blank apartment walls with art that he otherwise could not afford. It wasn’t until his company transferred him to New York City that his eyes were opened once again to his artistic potential. Surrounded by a community rich in art, Karl could not resist. Soon after arriving in New York, he left the corporate world to focus solely on his true calling.

Today, Karl has gained both the experience and respect of the art community. He furthered his education at the Art Students League in New York City, Yale University and the Silvermine Guild in Connecticut. And he has studied with renowned realist painter, Daniel E. Greene. Karl is also a founding member of The Fairfield Gallery Association. Working primarily in oil, Karl focuses on the sea and the structural landscape that grows around it. He, and his two young children live near the Connecticut shore — a wellspring of inspiration for the ever-evolving artist. Karl spends his time between his gallery in Fairfield, Connecticut and studying his beloved coastline from all angles — by foot, by sailboat and by kayak. His latest venture finds him creating his "Subway Stops" series.

Many of Karl’s paintings are now available as limited-edition prints. These reproductions are printed on quality painter’s canvas and paper using a technique called Gicleé. Nothing is lost in the translation. All the vibrant colors, subtle lighting and powerful emotion of the original pieces are retained.


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