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Carol Dixon Art Faculty

CAROL NIPOMNICH DIXON –BA Vassar College PBK, MA Columbia U., art courses at Pratt Institute and the Brooklyn Museum Art School. Received teaching certificates in NYS and CT. Taught at Greenwich Academy as Chair of the Arts and History Departments for many years, offering such courses as studio art, AP art history, architecture, and cultural history. Has taught studio art at the Stamford Museum and served as a visiting artist at area public schools. An artist member of the Silvermine Guild of Arts, she has often served as juror and curator for local exhibitions. Her works have been shown in numerous galleries and museums and are in many corporate and private collections.

"In teaching the Collage/Mixed Media Course, I offer students historic and current examples of collages, assemblages and box art. I show a few of my own works as well and discuss current exhibitions that feature collages. I talk about the special effects that can be expressed through collage such as juxtaposition, trompe l’oeil, and transformation. Attention is given to technique -- how to use effectively both basic art elements such as color, texture, line and composition, and a variety of materials and techniques, such as applying adhesives and other media. Most important is my attention to each individual student's expression, style, and aims. I encourage experimentation, emphasize originality, offer positive constructive criticism and help students find their own direction and assess progress toward it. The collegial atmosphere of the class enables students to share ideas about their work in an open way."

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Lauretta Jones Art Faculty

LAURETTA JONES - Lauretta Jones is an artist inspired by the botanical world. Her garden holds many of the specimens portrayed in her watercolor and colored pencil work. She received a BFA from Cleveland Institute of Art, worked in NYC as an illustrator and designer and was an early pioneer of the computer as an artist’s tool. Jones exhibits her work widely including solo shows at Wave Hill (New York) and the Cleveland Botanical Garden and is represented in the presti- gious collection of the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation. She is on the boards of the Somers Land Trust and the Somers Open Space Committee and teaches at the New York Botanical Garden.Jones has taught at the School of Visual Arts, Manhat- tanville College, and Western Connecticut State University.


Lauretta Jones' online portfolio is at

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Kathie Milligan Art Faculty

KATHIE MILLIGAN- Skidmore College BS in Studio Art; art courses and workshops in London and the United States; Yale University private seminar taught by Robert Reed.  MFA in painting at New York Studio School, NYC. Landscape and studio artist working in watercolor, oil, charcoal, pen & ink.  Commercial and freelance artist, designer, illustrator for 8 years.

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SAM MORROW -BA (Hons) Painting, St Martin’s School of Art, London, MFAs from Royal College of Art, London and Ohio State University. London exhibitions at Garvy, Radicio, Patton, and Fischer Fine Art Galleries. Also exhibited at Lannon Gallery, NYC; Dumbo Painters, Brooklyn; Mountain Arts Gallery, TN; William King Regional Arts Centre, Abingdon, VA; and the Slocumb Galleries at East Tennessee State University (ETSU). He has taught all levels of drawing and painting, life drawing, 2-D design, and contemporary art history at Ohio State Uni- versity, the Dome Project in NYC, Virginia Highlands Community College, ETSU, Northeast State University, and Silvermine Art Center.

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Mary Newcomb Art Faculty

MARY NEWCOMB - Mary Newcomb, an award-winning artist, is a Fellow of The Bau Institute, Otranto, Italy. Her work has been shown at The Gay Head Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard, The Dearing Galleries in Taos, New Mexico, The Brick Gallery in Essex, CT, and the Flinn Gallery in Greenwich. Her work is on permanent dis- play at Fuji Photo Film, USA, Corporate Headquarters in White Plains, NY. Cora Rosevear, Curator of Painting and Sculpture at MoMA in NYC awarded Newcomb first prize at the 1995 Faber Birren Color Award Show. Her work was selected from over 900 entries from across the country. Newcomb studied at Parsons School of Design, The Art Students League and the National Academy of Design in NYC and at the School of Realist Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.




Eddie Nino GAS Faculty

EDDIE NINO - Born in Colombia in 1978, Eddie Nino came to the United States at the age of 14. Immediately he began taking art classes in the Stamford and Greenwich area focusing on portrait painting and drawing.After studying for more than 10 years in New York City at the Art Students League with Michael Grimaldi and Harvey Dinnerstein; in private study with Andrew Reiss; and in the Copying Program at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of his many goals is to make sincere art inspired by such artists as Edouard Vuillard, Edwin Dickinson, and Antonio Lopez Garcia.


Anna Patalano Art Faculty

ANNA PATALANO – MFA in Painting and Drawing,Yale University School of Art; BFA in Painting,Tyler School of Art/ Temple University; Summer Resi- dency, Skowhegan ME with over 20 years of teaching experience. As Associate Professor Fine Arts at the Univ. of Texas at El Paso, taught painting, composition and techniques, color theory, drawing, art appreciation; developed and wrote curricula for fine arts ma- jors from a multi-cultural com- munity, created an honors art program; developed scholarship program in conjunction with Corpus Christi State U. fine arts program. Commissioned portraits in private collections nationwide. She is currently President of the Greenwich Art Society and Co-Director of its Studio School.

"Teaching, for me, involves communicating ideas to the student. With regard to visual art, that means communicating ideas about visual perception and describing the art materials and techniques that can be used to express the interpretation of visual perception. It's about teaching the student how to coordinate the eye, hand, and mind in creating an image. This is a complex process that needs to be simplified in order for the student to "get it." Part of my job as a teacher is to help the student break down the process and understand how it works as a whole.
Teaching fine art requires that the teacher allow the student to develop his or her own unique vision. It's a delicate balancing act that combines the analysis of visual perception and the use of materials and techniques WITH the student's own personal view, both in visual perception and how the materials are handled. Making art is, to a large extent, about individuality of thought and spirit and this is what I try to bring out in the student while teaching the fundamentals of perception and how to translate that through the use of painting materials.
I create an environment in which the individual student feels comfortable expressing their own ideas. How I do that is simply through respect of the individual and being positive about their unique ideas. I do not try to impose my own way of seeing or doing things on to the student but rather strive to support their own visions.
What interests me about art, specifically visual art, is that how we "see" the world often reflects how we think and feel about the world, ourselves, life in general.....all at the same time.  The vitality of the creative process that is expressed through making visual art speaks to many levels of thought and emotion. It is a wonderfully interesting proposition to me  -- how a single process can encompass thinking, tactility, hope, wonder, emotion, vision, and faith continues to inspire my curiosity and captures my imagination."

Anna Patalano's online portfolio is at


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Wednesdays and Thursdays

Nomi Silverman

NOMI SILVERMAN – Attended the High School of Art and Design and Barnard College. She also studied with Daniel Greene, David Leffel, Gustav Rheiberger, Harvey Dinnerstein, Ron Sherr, George Nama, Bob Blackburn, Burt Silver- man, and Michael Mazur. Solo shows in Greenwich, New Canaan, Fairfield, New Haven, Bridgeport, Norwalk and Los Angeles. Many group shows and awards. Work in the The New York Public Library, The Slater Memorial Museum, The William Benton Museum of Art, The Library of Congress, The Mattatuck Museum, the Boston Public Library, The Housatonic Museum of Art, The Hunterdon Museum of Art and numer- ous national and international collections.


KAREN SPRING – Born in England, Karen received her art education at private schools and with individual teachers in Germany, England, Northern Ireland and the United States.

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