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The Greenwich Art Society is pleased to post links to our members’ websites so that you can become acquainted with their art work.
The members themselves are solely responsible for their websites. The Greenwich Art Society has no involvement in their creation or maintenance.
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Christine S Aaron Mixed media
Ilene Africk Photography
Meera Agarwal Oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media Paintings
Anna Agoston Photography
Elizabeth H. Agresta Paintings and Illustration
Jean An Photography
Mary-Barrett Anders Paintings
Reese Anderson Green Oil Paintings
Lynne Arovas Mixed Media
Donald Axleroad Woodcuts, lithographs
Barbara Baldwin Still Life and Abstract Paintings
Betty Ball Paint, Monotype and Pastel
Paolo Bari Porcelain painter
William Barkin Landscapes in oil, pencil and pastel
Rita Baunok Photography
Betsy Beach  
Marta Beltramo Paintings
Peg Benison Paintings, Photography and Portraits
Virginia Bergenthal Landscape Paintings
Mary Ann Berry Paintings and Photography
Summer Bhular Paintings and Monoprints
Margot Bittenbender Prints
Elise Black Multi media
Lindy Blanchard Paintings
Peggie Blizard Paintings
Sonja Blom Photography
Catherine Bohrman Sculpture in bronze and stone
Deborah P. Bonnell Paintings
Chevalier Daniel C Boyer Drawings
Carolina Bradbury Sculpture, Photography, Paintings
Marcia Brandwein Landscapes in oil, watercolor and pastel
Kathleen Burke Paintings
Jeremy J. Butler Sculpture in bronze
Walter Buttrick Etchings, linocuts, prints
Richard Byrnes Drawings, paintings etchings, lithographs
Anelisa Calmet Abstract Paintings
Vincent Campenella Photography
Noelle Carr Botanicals in oil
Frank Castagna Photography
Janice Cianflone Landscapes in oil and pastel
Suma Cm Paintings
Natalie Colao Wood panels burned with glass
Heidi Lewis Coleman Mixed Media and Sculpture
John Conroy Pastel Paintings
Jane Cooper Paintings and Monotypes
Dawn Dahl Paintings
Kevin Dailey Photography
Paulina Dakkuri Paintings and Illustration
Jinsey Dauk Photography
Betsy Davidson Paintings and Mixed Media
Randi Jane Davis Paintings
Wendy DeFeudis Illustration
Ken Delmar Paintings
Joseph Dermody Painting, sculpture, furniture
Liz Dexheimer Abstract paintings and prints
Jan Dilenschneiden Paintings
Carol Dixon

Embroidered collages, oil paintings
Leila Dorne Paintings
Nancy Douglass Landscape Paintings
Lori DuBois Abstract Paintings in Acrylic
Diane Durantel Paintings
SM Dyer Photography
Nora Ellis Paintings
Doris Erdman Paintings
Emelie Ericson Paintings
Jacquelyn Etling Photography
Patti Ettinger Paintings and Monotypes
Katherine Evans Paintings
Ellen Hackl Fagan Paintings, sculpture
Marc Fattahi Paintings
Tatiana Ferraro Watercolors
Jamie Fessenden Photography
Anthony Fiesta Photography
Terrence Fine Collage
Heide Follin Paintings
Jacob Forero Landscapes in oil
Janna Fournier Photography and painting
Sally Frank Printmaking
Connie Freid Paintings and Mixed Media
Maria C. Friscia Paintings
Shamik Ganguly Photography
Ernest Garthwaite Landscape Paintings
Sandy Gennrich Photography
Stan Gluck Landscape drawings
Linda George Abstract Paintings
Scott Glaser Prints, Paintings
Ronnie Gold Kabat Fabric
Dana Goodfellow Land and seascapes, still life in oil
Bill Gordon Photography
Ellen Gordon Paintings, figures
Ilse Gordon Landscapes in oil and pastel
David Gorski Paintings, figures
Jane B Graham Landscapes and structures in mixed media and collage
Mindy Green Paintings and collage
Peter Gubinski Photography
Alonsa Guevera Paintings
Maud Guilfoyle Watercolor and acrylic paintings
Mary Harold Photography
Mike Harris Photography
Sally Harris Photography
Karen Heffner Abstracts in oil, installations
Edward Heim Sculpture
Jack Hellaby Paintings
Andrea Hickman Paintings and collage
Tracy Hoffman Prints and collage
Shauna Holiman Multiple subjects and portraits in mixed media, oil and glass
Benice Horowitz Land and humanscapes in acrylic
Kirk Huffard Paintings
Brenda A Jacobsen Paintings
Jean-Pierre Jacquet Portraits in oil, film
Sholeh Janati Paintings
Eric Jiaju Lee Abstract Painting
Lauretta Jones Botanical drawings and paintings
Oli Kambeitz Paintings
Joseph Kantorski Graphic design
Karen Kent Paintings
Kasey Kidd Epoxy, abstracts
Elizabeth Killgore Landscapes, cityscapes in oil
Deborah Kruger Textile Paintings
Ron Lake Photography
Richard Andre Lanoux Mixed Media
Paul G Larson Paintings and pastels
Anita Laudone Watercolor paintings
Katya Lebrija Paintings
Gail Lee Mixed Media, Monotypes, Paintings
Myra Lehman Sculpture in wood, stone and bronze
Joan Lengel Acrylics, sculpture, collage
Annette Lieblein Encaustic Mixed Media
Angela S Liptack Textile Art
Jacqueline Lorieo Sculpture
Linda Lovinger-Siegel Abstracts in oil
Shelley Lowell Paintings
Valerie Lynch Paintings
Valerie Lynn Paintings and Drawings
Wendy MacCordy Watercolor paintings
Julie Madison  
Luis Maldonado Paintings, sculpture, mixed media
Shahnaz Malhotra Abstracts, figures, still life paintings
Gillian Marshall Photography
Jeanne McDonagh Digital images
Fabio Mesa Paintings
Monique Michaels Photography
Kathie Milligan Abstracts, figures, still life in oil
Harvey Milman Paintings
Judith Monteferrante Photography
Duvian Montoya Paintings
Lina Morielli Painting and sculpture
Antonio Munoz Prints
Cordia Murphy Photography
Mary Newcomb Abstracts, Paintings and Sculpture
Jesse Nusbaum Sculpture
Jo Ann O'Hara Landscapes in oil
Bradley Olsen-Ecker Painting, scrimshaw, etchings
Judy Onthank Photography
Melissa Orme Paintings
Barbara O’Shea Photography
Kiyoshi Otsuka Paintings
Lisette Overweel www.Lisette.Gallery Mixed Media
Lee Paine Photography
Jill Parry Paintings
Anna Patalano Paintings
Don Perley Painting and Mixed Media
Chris Perry Sculpture
Limiana Petridou Sculpture
Steve Pica Paintings
Kathryn Poch Paintings
Karen Popp Paintings
Gina Poppe Glass Art
Fereshteh Priou Figure drawings
Penny Putnam Abstracts in watercolor, collage and mixed media
Zeus Pyle Photography
Ruth Raskin Photography
Lucia Ravens Photography
J. Gregory Raymond Photography
Jeanne Reiner Botanical Paintings
Laura Renee Paintings
Martha Robinson Encaustics, Paintings
Holly Meeker Rom Landscapes and still life in watercolor
Nancy Rosen Abstract Paintings
Regina Rubeo Botanical drawings
Peter Rubino Sculpture
Catherine Caulfield Russell Land and seascapes in oil
Aparna Sahgal Painting and Photography
Gabriela Salazar Abstracts in mixed media
Kimberly Salib Abstracts in mixed media
Katie D. Samuelson Paintings
Heather Sandifer Botanicals
Robert Sauber Illustration
Karen Schlansky Paintings
Marion Schneider Landscape Paintings
Miriam Schulman Portraits in watercolor and photography
Andrea Scott Landscapes and florals in watercolor
Monica Seggos Sculpture
Michael Seri Mixed Media
Om Prakash Sharma Abstract Paintings
Sharon Shisler Paintings
Marina Shrady Paintings
Margaret Esme Simon Oil, charcoal and pastel
Sheldon Snyder Painting and Children's Books
Tova Snyder Paintings and murals
Debora Solomon Sculpture
Sigrid Somers Paintings
Cecilia Soprano Acrylic and mixed media metaphysical subjects
Constance Newton Stancel Mixed media still life and landscapes
Barbara Stretton Children's books
Florence Suerig Sculpture
Sharon Sumpolez Paintings
Priya Tambe Mixed media painting
Malu Tan Paintings
Michelle Tarson Photography
Julie Tehrani Paintings
Melinda Green Tepler Paintings
Paul Thayer Computer and new media
Peggy Thomas Pottery
Lisa Thoren Paintings and collage
K P Thrane Painting, Photography
Michael Thron Sculpture
James L. Travers Sculpture
David M. Tunick Photography
Marc VanDermeer
Richard Ventre Photography
Karen Vogel Mixed Media
Annette Voreyer Still life, Landscape Portrait Paintings
Ginny Waters Ceramics
Sholeh Weinbaum Paintings
Maxwell Wiesen Oil Paintings
Dean Williams Photography
Edward Wilson Landscape and Still Life Paintings
Jay B Wilson Photography


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